Sunraysia Daily ,January 2014


Scarys review

I know you are, but what am I is the name of the debut album by Bobby Danger. 
The album opens up with Rock the night away, and the song surely sets us up for a night of hard hitting hits. 
The production has been handled with care; the mixing is wall to wall balanced. We can hear each note, beat and not forgetting the vocals by the man, Bobby Danger. 
There are a few moments of glory on the album, the glamorous solos, a few great lines like ‘’Light me up your spark is what I need’’, and just the sheer performance by Bobby and the musicians who helped give life to this album. 
Dave Clark and Simon Evans take charge with drum duties; they open a can of whoop ass with top notch style.’’ I need you’’ follows Rock the night away; it’s a well placed track. 
Next up is a slower but still grand song ‘’Good times’’. Well good times are ahead, and so far the album has made a mark in my heart. 
‘’Light me up’’ is track number four, hold the phone, stop the presses. Light me up burns so good it hurts. There’s a touch of Guns and roses and AC/DC here, and the future ahead of Bobby won’t be a democracy, but high voltage satisfaction to the hunger he has had since he was born to rock life so death rolls back to the nether realm. 
‘’Rockstar’’ is the fifth track, and like its name, Bobby shines well. Rockstar has a slight touch of the Sex Pistols hit Anarchy for the UK, just how the chorus is performed. This is a good thing; the influences here are captured very well.
 Track number 6 is ‘’Midnight train’’, have you got your ticket to paradise because this song goes all the way to Eden. Simpleness is effective, and Midnight trains traditional rock beat and riff is perfect for the halfway mark. 
Lucky for track number seven, ‘’On my mind’’ is the first thought any rocker would have when listening to this album. On my mind has a touch of Rolling Stones and David Bowie, and there’s no stopping that guitar, or those drums, damn! 
Ok, so we’re cruising along to ‘’Hot to touch’’. Well this track has warmed up my fingers. This song is like a mix of 48 crash by Susie Quatro and Pump it up by Elvis Costello. The drums dominate this eighth track, yeah there’s some guitar screaming out, and Bobby leading the pack with his powerful vocals but the steam is so thick, it makes you click.
 Number 9 is so fine, and well ‘’Who stole the rock and roll’’, that isn’t hard to answer, it is Bobby ‘’dazzle’’ Danger who stole the rock and roll. 
Just when you thought track ten was the end, you have ‘’Nothing but trouble’’ keeping you in your place. Nothing but trouble is a settled down, yet still rocking track. Don’t turn your back, because you’ll just be looking for trouble, because here comes Bobby. 
The last and classiest piece on ‘’I know you are, but what am I’’ is “Superhero’’. Bobby wishes he was a superhero, and that wish has come true. This acoustic song is beautiful; it’s a fine finish to this kick ass album. There’s some extra guitar, a really nice melodic essence and overall it brings a tear to your eye. 
My congratulations to Tony Curran, writer of the album, Bantam Studios Ballarat, Everland studios Melbourne, Dave Clark and Simon Evans and the man, the legend. Bobby ‘’Dazzle’’ Danger. This album is 100% fine Aussie rock that won’t grow moss. Well done Bobby.