Coming from a small country town of a State in Australia called Mildura, Danger played in cover bar bands for years then joined an original band as a bass player. We slugged it out driving 7 hours to Melbourne (City) to play  original music. many times sleeping in the van
Then the band recorded an EP but not much came out of it.
The songs weren’t solid enough.
"I didn’t have much input into the songs , so I started to write my own songs, just for the fun off it. With my 80s rock influence , I started recording at home playing all the instruments." said Danger
 After some radio presenters heard his demos, they pushed Danger to pursue his music career more seriously.
Danger has now recorded numerous EPs and singles
Reaching worldwide exposure through radio, Dangers songs have also been accepted into the National Australian radio  catalogue .

Danger is signed to an independent label from Illinois USA called Independent Ears Inc
In May 2016 he travelled to the USA and performed in Rockford Illinois

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